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Community - Trust - Strive - Collaboration - Joy


  • We’re a welcoming, inclusive community of diverse people with programs that lower the barriers to making for all.
  • We bring together problem-solvers, creators, and learners from across the metro-Atlanta area.


  • We expect everyone to be honest and proactive in all aspects of our maker community.
  • This includes using equipment/tools safely and respecting other makers as well as letting us know if something needs fixing/improving.


  • We make great efforts to achieve our goals, work and vision.
  • We believe that learning by making mistakes, moving forward, problem-solving and successfully creating will build confidence and critical thinking skills.
  • We see challenges as opportunities for growth.


  • The spirit of exploration in an inclusive space is at the heart of what we do.
  • We’re a safe place for those willing to work together to try something new, ask how things work, and share our expertise/knowledge.


  • We strive to engage in all our making experiences and programs with a sense of joy!
  • We hold the value of joy at Decatur Makers, as a time to practice happiness caused by exceptionally good experiences, shared together.
Decatur Makers is committed to supporting a diverse community by intentionally creating an inclusive environment for makers of all backgrounds to make cool stuff.