3D Printers

Slicer settings to check before you print:

  • Machine - are you targeting the machine you mean to?

  • Layer height - are you looking for fine detail (<.1mm) or fast print time (>.2mm)?

  • Nozzle temperature (material) - if you're printing PLA, make sure this is at 200C.

  • Bed temperature - if printing in ABS, you'll want to heat the bed, but you'll want to avoid it if printing in PLA.

  • Supports - does your part have overhangs that need support?

    • Everywhere vs only touching bed - only touching bed will only create supports that start at the bed. If you have a part where there's a significant overhang over another piece of your part, you'll want to go with everywhere.

  • Infill % - is your part decorative (20% or less) or meant to be strong (50-100%)?

  • Adhesion method - how are you adhering your part to the build plate? None, skirt, brim, or raft?

    • Air gap if using a raft (recommended) - air gaps make it easy to pop your part off of the raft.