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Requested Tools

  • 5C spin indexer, rotary table, dividing head, angle plate, tilt table, etc. small enough for an 18x5" mill table
  • Good condition and reliable portable MIG welder
  • 125+ PSI air compressor for plasma cutter
  • 3/8" T-slot mill clamping kit
  • precision angle block set
  • small (12x18 or similar) surface plate in decent condition, and height gauge
  • set of gage blocks and small (5" or less) sine bar
  • any micrometers over 1"
  • 5C and R8 collets, especially in intermediate sizes (i.e. not what's included in a standard 8-piece collet set)
  • Portable/rolling welding table
  • 5" 5C collet chuck for lathe (we'll machine a new back plate, but if it matters, spindle is M39-4.0 thread)
  • Any small end mills or other tooling that would fit a mini mill (R8 spindle taper) or mini lathe (MT2 tailstock, MT3 spindle, max 1/2" shank tools)
  • Set of bottom taps
  • Small R8 boring head
  • Small fly cutter
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