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Roland CAMM-1 Vinyl Cutter* (retired)

Instructions for cutting vinyl on the Decatur Makers CAMM-1 vinyl cutter
We no longer have our dear vinyl cutter. It was replaced by a couple Silhouette cutters which both work great! We'll leave this here in case someone finds another Roland maybe...
Decatur Makers Vinyl Cutter Workflow 2019
1. Grab a Decatur Makers Laptop (#1 or #2) and login with L: DecaturMaker P:BuildShareExplore
2. Launch the application Easy Cut Studio
3. Import an .svg vector graphics file you’d like to cut on vinyl OR
4. Click on Trace Image to trace a bitmapped image file (like JPEG, TIFF, BMP, etc.) - but your trace mileage may vary – it might work better to trace in Inkspace (also on the DM laptops) and then save your vector image as an .svg
5. Plug the usb cable from the CAMM-1 vinyl cutter into the laptop and load your vinyl by:
6. Releasing the Release Lever, and feeding your vinyl sheet under the pinch rollers
7. Lower the Release Lever and press the SETUP button on the right of the vinyl cutter
8. The carriage will pause at the rollers, then the rollers will bring the sheet in to detect the front and back automatically
9. When you’re ready to cut out your design, press the Cutter icon, then Cut
10. You’re done!
Last modified 10mo ago