Decatur Makers Wiki

Storage Policy

Supporter Level Storage:
Decatur Makers currently provides storage bins for Supporter Level members, where they may keep project materials and partially completed works.
  • Projects that are painted or glued and need a short period to dry are allowed on the Drying Racks but must be marked with a filled out DTMP sheet including name, date, and contact info.
  • Drying projects that do not fit on the drying shelves require you to contact the Staff or Area Steward for approval before leaving your project.
  • The Drying Racks consist of shelves located on the back wall of the Space.
  • Drying Projects may be stored for a limited time in the Drying Racks. 72 hours maximum. Each item placed on the Drying Racks by a member MUST be labeled with a DTMP flyer with the member’s name, contact info, and the date. Unlabeled items will be handled the same as Expired Projects described below.
  • Drying Projects may be stored on the Drying Racks for no longer than 3 days.
  • If you need more time than that to finish your project, then email [email protected] BEFORE leaving your project to request a longer storage time.
  • If the project is left longer than 3 days it will be considered "expired."
  • If you have a large project in mind that will require leaving it at the space for a period of time, you must request approval from Staff or Area Stewards before starting or email [email protected].
  • Approved Project-in-Process projects must be:
    • properly marked with a DTMP sheet including name, contact info, and date
    • Must be stored within the designated area.
  • If the project is left longer than the agreed upon time, an email will be sent to the project owner. If the owner does not respond, then see Expired Project below.
  • Unlabeled projects or projects stored for longer than the agreed upon time will be “quarantined” by attaching a red sticker.
  • Projects are consider expired based on their initial start date.
  • Picture(s) of the quarantined items will be posted to the #expired-projects channel on Slack.
    • The owner will be responsible for:
      • Recognizing that the projects has been quarantined, and
      • Removing the project within 5 days.
  • Quarantined projects that are not removed within 5 days will be discarded and any usable project materials will be made available for general use.
  • If a project owner is non-responsive on Slack, we will send an email to the primary contact address on their account containing the same information.