Decatur Makers Wiki

How to Help (in 5 mins or less)

Vacuum around a single tool.
Turn on the Wen Filter (remote by the door to the woodshop).
Return errant tape to the craft cart.
Use the air compressor to blow out the Wen Filter (please do it outside and wear a dust mask).
Lower the blade guard on the bandsaw to the table.
Set the depth stop on the DeWalt planer to 1/8".
Make sure all of the soldering irons are turned off.
Put the clamps back in their correct spots.
Vacuum out the miter station.
Move the table saw fence over the slot and make sure the saw is off.
Retract the retractable extension cords.
Reset the retractable extension cord breakers.
Move the jointer out of the way of the CNC router