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Community Lab (DIYbio)

On this page you will find an overview of DIYbio at Decatur Makers and the Community Lab.
The Community Lab
Decatur Makers is proud to offer a unique space for members to make with science. Our community lab is equipped with the tools you need to conduct your very own biology experiments. The lab is open to all members with appropriate training.
But I don’t know anything about biology…
No worries! Just like the rest of Decatur Makers, the Community Lab welcomes people of all different backgrounds and skill levels. Some are scientists, but most haven’t taken a science class since high school and are just interested in learning more about the living world around them. Our mission is simple:
"To build a diverse community of citizen scientists by educating and empowering individuals to believe that everyone, regardless of background or socioeconomic status, can make an important impact on the the scientific world.”
So regardless of your age or educational background, everyone is encouraged to get involved. And whether you’re mildly interested or have a big question to answer, the Decatur Makers Community Lab has something for you.