Projector use

How to use the projector and motorized screen in the main room.

You will find 2 black cables with HDMI and VGA (and a VGA->Mini-Display port dongle) connectors on the North wall of the main room


  1. Lower the screen with the down button on the white wired remote to the right of the screen (roughly 5 feet off the ground)

  2. Power on the projector using the black remote right next to screen remote. (It is an IR remote and must therefore be pointed at the projector in order for it to work.)

    • If the green power light on the projector is flashing, it is in Standby Mode

    • If the green power light is solid, it is powered on

    • If the green power light is off (or maybe red), it is powered off

  3. The bulb may take a while to heat up. Do not impatiently power cycle it thinking it is not powered on. Check the green LED and trust it.

  4. Turn off the lights. (It may be enough to only do the North side of the room.)

    • The light switches are inside the kitchen area to the right of the double doorway connecting to the main room.

  5. The projector automatically scans the inputs and stops on the first one that has a signal.

    • There are 2 long cords tied off near the remotes. One is HDMI and other is VGA with a Mini DisplayPort dongle zip-tied to it. (The VGA input is labeled "PC" in the onscreen interface)

    • Please do not remove the dongle.

  6. Turn Stuff Off when You're Done

    • Turn off the projector by pressing the power button on the IR controller

    • Press the up arrow on the screen controller to raise the screen

    • Turn the lights back on

HDMI and VGA cables
Screen control
Projector remote