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Member 24/7 Opening Phase Policies

Decatur Makers is moving ahead to the Member 24/7 Opening Phase Effective May 10th, 2021
UPDATED June 28, 2021: Masks are required for all members and guests regardless of their vaxx status.
As of July 28, 2021: Decatur Makers requires all people to wear masks while inside the space, regardless of vaccination status. This is in accordance with CDC guidelines for people in areas of substantial or high COVID-19 transmission.
Requirements for New Members to Access the Space:
Protocols for Members Accessing the Space:
  • 24/7 access for paying members
  • Masks are required for everyone coming in to the space and must be worn at all times.
  • No reservations needed for access and to use equipment, BUT a new reservation system is available for certain equipment (SEE RESERVATION CALENDAR in the Member Portal on our website)
For anyone seen not following protocols, staff reserves the right to limit your access to the space. We continue to take our protocols seriously for the safety of our staff and members.
Schedule time on the Glowforge, Woodshop, CNC and Welders
You don't need to make a reservation to use equipment, but our members mentioned they like being able to schedule time in areas if they're working on projects that take some time. So, we’ve set up a new 24-hour scheduling system: Skedda.
Go to and click the "Member Portal" on the top left, scroll down to see the calendar, view availability, and sign up for spots.
You can cancel and edit your reservation through the email you receive after signing up OR by clicking your reservation on the calendar.
We ask that you please have patience with us as we do our best to get you back in the space safely!